Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Peanut!!

What?! It's my birthday?!?



Happy Birthday, sweet little Peanut!! We have loved being your parents this year, and we are so excited to get to watch you learn and grow. You have the sweetest, funniest personality. You're not much of a snuggler (unless you're completely asleep...), but you have a great sense of humor. You're a really great walker, which keeps me on my toes. You "talk" all. the. time. When you wake up, it's like you have all these words saved up from while you were sleeping. You're very social, and you love it when you get time with your friends. You're so like your dad. ;-)

We love you sooo much! And we're thankful that God picked us to be your parents.

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  1. Love it. Happy Birthday Abey Baby! You are a doll face with awesome expressions. And your parents are pretty great, too ;)