Thursday, October 25, 2012

52 Weeks — Month 8

Week 31

Week 32 — Back at Mimi and Dude's house for the week

Week 33

Week 34

This was a crazy month—and frankly, the beginning of what has been a crazy season in our lives. We moved Rob to live with my parents and search for a job. Then Abe and I headed home to pack up our lives to join Rob in Ohio a few weeks later. During that time, we evacuated to Rob's parents' house because of the wildfires in Colorado Springs. Easily the most terrifying thing I've ever lived through—worse than labor. We were lucky to not even have smoke damage, and we were so thankful.

Abe doesn't seem any worse for the wear, does he? ;-) He had some tough nights of sleep (or rather, not sleeping), but even then he was all smiles.

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