Thursday, October 18, 2012

52 Weeks — Month 1

All of sudden, we're only 10 days from Abe's first birthday. Can. Not. Believe it.

I've been taking photos of him every week since he was born, and the other day, I finally started sorting and compiling and editing. I was overwhelmed by the change over the last (almost) year. It made me sad — where'd my wittle baby go?!? And it made me happy — he's so fun, and I love watching him learn and grow! I try to stay in the moment, enjoying today without wishing for the past or yearning for the future too much. But, because he's such a cute, sweet baby, I thought I'd share my weekly photos with you. ;-)

Here's the first month, starting with the day we came home from the hospital:

Week 0 — First day home from hospital

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

It took me awhile to find to find my groove with how to set up the shoots. I had seen a Pin of monthly photos in a laundry basket, so that's where I got that idea. (Unfortunately, it's a direct upload, so I can't tell what the original source is, but here's my pin.) At first I thought I'd be all cute and have signs stating the week, etc. But that pretty quickly went out the window. I started out putting him in the basket in whatever he was wearing, but once we started with cloth diapers, I knew they would be perfect. And easy! I just put him the basket after I changed his diaper, usually first thing in the morning. I you'll see that start in the next post.

Anyway, there's Peanut's first month!

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  1. Love it. A year?! So crazy. Can't wait to see his birthday photos!!!