Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work Table Wednesday

On Monday I gave a sneak peek of what has been on my "work table" for the last year:

At the end of January—January 31st, I believe—we brought home this little peanut.

How ridiculous is that face?


He's a mutt from the Humane Society. They said he's a chihuahua/Jack Russell mix, but at 30 pounds with a curly tail, that can't be all. Many people think he has some Basenji in him. Which we can sort of see. But the common name for Basenjis is the African Barkless Dog, and, well. Lincoln barks. Like, a lot. At everything. So... we just call him a mutt. And boy do we love him. :)

Then on Valentine's Day last year (just a little over a year ago. how nuts?!) we found out we were expecting this guy:


That's my Little Buddy, Abe.


He's pretty much the best.


And yes, we do know that we have an Abe and Lincoln. We didn't set out to make it happen, but we didn't stop it. Does that make sense? Abe also has a cousin named Isaac, and if you know your Bible trivia, you'll remember that Abraham was called to sacrifice his son Isaac. Luckily, he didn't have to go through with it, so I don't think the cousins will have any problems. :)

I haven't done much creatively in the last year, but I've been hard at work.


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