Monday, February 20, 2012

Grace & Splendor: Happy President's Day

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 Some people think that Valentine's Day is a made up holiday. The truth is that it's not anymore "made up" than any other holiday. But it's just as over-commercialized as most. I keep telling myself that someday I'll do the research to find out the real story behind St. Valentine. Maybe when Abe reaches school age? All I know is that it didn't happen this year. ;)

Anyway, Rob & I don't go all out for Balentime's. I made him some special food, and he bought me flowers.

Pretty right? I love daisies, and I think it's fascinating to watch the lilies open up.

As for my gifts to him, I made pork picatta with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed spinach from Ellie Krieger's So Easy. I totally biffed the mashed poes. First I added the white wine that was supposed to deglaze the pork pan instead of the chicken broth. And then, once I got the broth in, I realized that I had added twice the amount called for. Sheesh. They were super-smushy mashed potatoes. I just made this meal two weeks before, and it turned out great. Not sure where my brain was.

OH! AND I froze the chocolate covered strawberries that I made. Which was great for hardening the chocolate. Not great for the actual strawberries, which turned to mush (what's with the mush?!) when they thawed.

All in all, Rob ruled, I drooled this Valentine's. But he still loves me. :-)


On a completely unrelated note, a few weeks ago, a friend brought her baby over for a play date.

Since my baby is 3 months old and hers is 5 months, I didn't expect them to interact much. But when we put them together on the couch, this is what we found:


They were holding hands! And they did it again when we put them on the floor together. Oh man, so sweet!


And one more thing: Happy President's Day from Baby Abe and his doggy Lincoln. :-)

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  1. Leslie, thank you for linking up! It's sweet to meet new blog friends. :) Those flowers are so lovely! But, I must say...nothing beats darling little baby hands. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my goodness the babies holding hands is so cute!

  3. those two holding hands--melts my heart. so precious! And I LOVE daisies too :)