Friday, February 24, 2012

The Little Things — Diapers & Donuts

It really is the little things...

This sight is enough to do a cloth-diapering mama's heart good.

A shelf full of clean diapers!

If you're on Pinterest or follow any blogs, you've probably seen lots of homemade baked donuts floating around. And if you know my husband, you know that donuts are one of his favorite things. So I figured I ought to make him some before we gave up sweets for Lent.

I made two batches this past weekend. The first batch was an apple cinnamon donut that I found via Pinterest. I really liked this recipe, but next time I'll use half the amount of apples, and I'll use a box grater to shred them instead of dice. The flavor was great though. The second batch was just the buttermilk donut recipe on the donut pan packaging.

I made four chocolate glazed...

...four vanilla glazed...

...and covered the rest with cinnamon sugar.

It'll be an unfortunately long time until we eat those again. Let's be serious: I will probably make them Easter morning to break our sweets fast. :)

Hello Hue Little Things



  1. That is such a good idea to store the diapers like that! Those donuts look delicious. If only I liked donuts :( I hope you have a happy week lady :)

  2. I gave up bread for Lent, so I cut out most members of the bread family, too (tortillas, pitas, muffins, etc.). I feel your no-sweets pain. Maybe I will make donuts for Easter morning, too!


  3. Those diapers are so cute! And oh my word... it's a good thing my husband doesn't read blogs or else for the next year I'd be hearing "Heyyyy remember those donuts that were homemade... you should try those..." Sounds like it was a great week for you :)