Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

My parents came for a visit over the long weekend, and as always, it was a bit of a "working vacation." (They may or may not have likened it to a mission trip, but it sooo wasn't our fault. They asked for it!) We packed those four days so full of housework, and we even squeezed in some fun.

We started by cleaning out our two basement rooms. They started out scary, and ended less-than-scary (but still not my favorite rooms in the house...). No photos, as I was avoiding the dead bugs & moths & dust with everything that I had. I mean, I even started going through some of the boxes that have moved houses at least three times without being unpacked.

Then we moved to the yard. We cleaned debris, mowed, planted, and now we have a nice little oasis.

Somehow my dad always finds a way to break the chainsaw out.
We now have stacks of kindling to get us through the winter.

My mom admiring my newly planted vegetable garden.
5 kinds of pepper and spaghetti squash.

My baby tomato plants in their Earthbox home.

The flowers waiting to be planted.

And on their last day, we got over to Red Rock Canyon for a three mile hike. My parents have to hike when they visit, or else they don't feel like they've actually been to Colorado.

Boys will be boys, even when scrambling is prohibited...

View of Garden of the Gods, from Red Rock Canyon.
All Photos © Me


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