Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Guest Book Update

This quilt has the most pieces I've ever worked with. Seeing as it's only my third quilt, that's not saying much, but hey... I have the privilege of putting together my friend's wedding guest book, which is a quilt. I've loved reading other people's well-wishes (is that bad?). I've also made it a point to say some prayers for the bride and groom, their union, their transitions, and their new family. I've loved the whole process.

It's currently sandwiched and draped over my sewing chair, just waiting for me to get my *new* walking foot attached to my machine. I've never used one before—any advice??

Here are some sneak peaks:

I blurred this pic so the bride & groom can still be surprised by their messages.
Just enough of a sneak peak to whet their appetites. ;)
All Photos © Me

This quilt has been a total and complete experiment. Thanks for being my guinea pigs, L and M! I've tried some new tricks, which have turned out spectacularly, if I do say so myself!


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