Monday, September 6, 2010

Aw, nuts...

Wanna hear a funny story?

The other day I was watering my garden, and then I went to pick some basil for dinner. As I was getting ready to take my harvest back inside to start cooking, I noticed something funny hidden under all those leaves.

That sure doesn't look like basil. I figured it was a weed, so I pulled it out. But, ohmygosh...

That's a PEANUT!! What in the world?!?

Yup. A peanut. With a root. And leaves. Like, growing. In my basil.

Well, I did what any sane person would do.

I planted it. I figured it was apparently growing well where it was, let's just see what happens. ;)

My theory at this point was that we have tons of very active little birdies and squirrels that frequent our backyard. One of them must have dropped it from the tree over our deck or maybe even tucked it away for safe keeping.

The next morning...

It's GONE! Where did my li'l peanut go?! All I have is a big old sad hole. :(


As I turned around, head hanging in sorrow over my lost peanut plant adventure, something in the corner caught my eye.

All Photos © Me

My peanut! But there's no peanut. Apparently whoever left their treasure for safe keeping decided to come back and collect. Or maybe it was some other slacker trying to reap somebody else's hard work. Either way, no peanut for me.

Although I still have hope. I've found other peanuts scattered around our yard. Maybe one of them will sprout. ;)

This is definitely the strangest thing to happen in my garden to date.


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