Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love my job!

My job with the youth group, that is.

My job-job is great too, but today I'm just stoked about the students.

We had a teaching team meeting this morning, and besides the fact that the ladies outnumbered the men for the first time EVER (give it up for the ladies!), we had some great conversation. We're focusing on the second of Vanguard's four core values, Lover, for the month of October. In order to be a little less obtuse, and avoid the typical high schooler response to that word, we're also calling it Worshiper. We're to worship the Lord by loving Him & loving others. In order to love others well, we need to learn how to receive love from God. Most of us face a roadblock in this process, because we have believed so many lies about ourselves & the world around us.

Culture says I have to be a lazy teenager.

Culture says I have to be a crude dude.

Culture says there's no way I can remain a virgin until I'm married.

So why bother trying?

I'm lined up to teach the story of Mary & Martha to fight the lie that we have to constantly be doing-doing-doing in order to be good enough. Or that we have to be "enough" before we can be useful to the Lord & the people in our lives.

I'm percolating on an idea for an activity during stations (small group discussion time at the beginning of our Sundays). It's gonna be stellar. Very likely, it will involve cupcakes.

I love my job.

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