Sunday, August 16, 2009

What have we been up to?

Today we had brunch with a friend then went straight to My Man's sister's house for the T3's third birthday (All four of their kids' names start with T. Thus, they will henceforth be referred to as T1, T2, T3, & T4. Easy, no?) Two get-togethers. Twice we were asked what we've been up to. And twice we looked at each & said, "What HAVE we been up to?" It all comes down to: Homework (My Man), housework (me), real work, youth group. Oh, and we've been a little under the weather. Nothing exciting.

EXCEPT that we're getting really excited about some of the stuff the previous list encompasses. For example, we're getting ready to jump start the school year with the youth group, including mentor groups (aka Small Groups, but different) and getting back into teaching Sunday mornings. Along with our regular roles, we've begun the process of planning a mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico, and we're totally stoked for it. I've been to Mexico several times since my sophomore year of high school, and there's always been a part of my heart that stayed there. So I'm really looking forward to showing My Man why I talk so fondly of my time there. And I know how my life was changed by MX. I can't wait to see how our students' lives might be changed! One of the sophomore girls has already expressed an interest in serving orphans. So, who knows? I just can't wait.

Here are some photos from my last trip to Monterrey. (Forgive the poor quality. I took them on film, which was processed poorly & scanned even more poorly.) i LOVE these kids!

All photos © Me

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