Monday, August 17, 2009

Quiet Mind

My life has been in turmoil since those last few months of wedding planning. Okay, maybe not turmoil. It's just messy. I keep thinking it'll settle down. You know, "Once I get all moved in, I'll be able to relax." Or "I just need to get the kitchen organized." Then "I have GOT to get this office/spare bedroom put together." Just when I think I can sit down to enjoy my life, something ALWAYS comes up to get in the way. Another opportunity to support a high school student or encourage a friend or whatever other good thing comes up.

The other morning I was reading Authentic Beauty, by Leslie Ludy. It's not my usual fare, (I tend to avoid teen self-help-y books, because (A) I'm no longer a teen, dangit and (B) they're usually too sugary-sweet for me), but it's been sitting on my desk at work for ages whispering "I'd be a good resource for teaching the high school girls. They need me. Read me..." And I've discovered that I really like this book. Yes, it's all sweetness about princesses & Princes, but she's so good at clearly stating what we should expect from relationships. Especially with ...boys...

But that's a whole different post. Leslie included this quote from Amy Charmichael's book, A Quiet Mind:

"Having a quiet mind is not a question of choice—if we are to go on at all, we must have a quiet mind. All too many Christians break down, not because of their circumstances, but because of a weary, fretting spirit too rushed to dwell in peace."

Oh man! is this something I want for myself. I want organization & cleanliness & contentment. But more than all that, having a quiet mind & a peaceful heart is my dream right now.

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