Thursday, March 14, 2013

Around here: 3/14/13

There's so much happening around here, and yet not much of anything. Every day is so full, and when I lay down at night, I think, "Where did my day go?!" You know how they say, "The days are long, but the years are short"? Well, I feel like each day goes faster and faster.

Anyway, here are some snapshots that really illustrate life with Abezilla: fast moving, blurry, and one where I caught him watching the cars outside, which means he was sitting still long enough that it's not blurry. Oh, and a few with some waterfalls of drool. Those teeth just won't quit! ;-) 


He loves the camera (or phone, let's be serious...). Those last few, he was walking toward me saying, "Fuh (phone)? See?" He likes to see the pictures. Just wait until I tell him that when I was growing up, we had to wait to get the prints back from the developer to see the photos. Prepare to have your mind blown, kid!

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