Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Still working...

...but getting closer!

I feel like I got a lot done this weekend. Finished piecing the top.



Rob said the stripe around the outside (the border) pulls it all together. And I totally agree. It's like a frame on a photo. The cherry on top. Although Rob doesn't like cherries. Which is good for me when we split a dessert, 'cause I love me some cherries!

I digress.

I also designed, cut, and began piecing the bottom. No pics of that, though, since I stopped working after it was too dark for any semblance of quality photography.

Last night I finished piecing the bottom, and starting sandwiching. (The "sandwich" consists of the top, the batting, and the bottom. Get it?) This part stinks. Not literally.

I did get a tip from Cindy, who is a long-time quilter, to tape each layer to the floor individually before basting (or safety-pinning) the three layers together. The bottom layer is under there, I promise. I think I need to cut the batting a little closer, so I can get a better sense of whether the top & bottom are lining up properly—though I still want it bigger than the other two pieces.

All in all, it's coming along quite well. We'll just have to see if I end up throwing anything during the quilting process...

I ordered fabric yesterday for my next big project, and then I got a great idea for the one after that! Wish I could do this full time, but such is life...

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